The Godfather of Soul...and Rap?

The Godfather of Soul...and Rap?

Today on Connect the Crates,

I zeroed in on one of the most influential musicians of all time. A man who arguably altered the course of rap music without ever intending to. The Godfather of Soul – JAMES BROWN.

James Brown is probably the most sampled musician of all time. Every element of his music shows up in all musical genres all the time. Him and his band are responsible for providing the instrumental soundscapes for some of my favourite rap songs of all time such as: “Set it Off” by Big Daddy Kane (sampled from “Get On Up, Get Into, Get Involved”), “Get Down” by Nas (sampled from “Paid the Cost to be the Boss”), and countless others.

If you don’t listen to James Brown – you should start – never too late to experience the vast catalog of his musical genius.

Also – check out MisterE – Dusting For Prints – I rap! Yay!

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