The Butters Show

The Butters Show

Hello, hello, hello… I hope everyone had a great break and an even better Christmas, but it has come time to return to school and start a new year. Unfortunately, that means no longer watching marathons of Storage Wars or Big Bang Theory, waking up at 1pm, or lying around the house until a home made meal was placed in front of you. But luckily for you, the start of a new year brings new episodes of The Butters Show with new guests, music,¬†and random discussions of whatever is on my mind.

The first show of the new year will be tomorrow, January 5 2012, and will be a general overlook of how the show operates. Playing indie, indie rock, rock, post-grunge, and metal music is what the show focuses on and is dedicated to bringing a variety of artists and bands to the attention of a wide ranging music audience.

Also, upon my daily creeping of new music, I found this awesome new Cancer Bats single from there upcoming album Dead Set On Living — check it out:

If you have any requests or want an inside look at the show, check out the official Facebook page:!/pages/The-Butters-Show/166645903418056?sk=wall&filter=1

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