Have a Great Break From EDM

Have a Great Break From EDM

Hey Everyone,

I hope that everyone is having a electronic filled exam time/ break.
EDM Radio Laurier will continue in the new year with tons of new electronic songs and guests! For anyone looking for a good time this break be sure to check out Avicii and Aoki at the Soctia Bank Convention Center on New Years Eve. The Event is called Golden New years and is in Niagra Falls. If you see me there be sure to say hello! Or if your looking for something a little more crazy check out Thomas Gold and Steve Aoki at KoolHaus. Steve Aoki is actually helicoptering from the Koohaus in Toronto to close for Avicii in Niagra Falls. In the New year Ill have tons of new stories and electronic songs to share so be sure to tune in!

Every Thursday night from 1130pm-2am!

Have a great Break,

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