How the NBA Lockout Just Squashed the Small Guys

In past years, before the start of pro basketball, there was a routine. The NBA teams would have their Training Camps, pick their players, and then start their season. Then the leagues beneath them would do the same, so and such forth. Throughout the season, players would go up and down but the roster structure of pro basketball would be set for the most part. The lockout has killed that structure. Players who would be pushing for a position in a NBA Training Camp settled with D-League teams and other minor league teams. Now a problem has been created. With NBA Training Camp starting this Friday it has seriously affected many minor league teams. Some teams have came across huge problems. Here they are getting into the season and they are being forced to replace their prime talent who have left for these training camps. D-League teams such as the Maine Red Claws are loosing four starters and are entering games with only 8 players in their rosters. The struggle over greed by the Owners and Players have left the Owners and GM’s of small teams left in shambles. Once again, the small guy has lost.

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