Half in love with Elizabeth - 24/11/11

Half in love with Elizabeth - 24/11/11

Hey dudes and dudettes, Lunkis here from the morning show hanging out with Marcayy and DJCP, been having a good time just kicking back and listening to some good tunes!

Today’s featured artist happened to be none other that Imogen Heap, followed by our song(s) of the day, courtesy of Be Your Own pet. And I have to say, how could you not like a song entitled “Zombie Graveyard Party”?

Definitely make sure to check out our live broadcast in the concourse tomorrow, 9-12PM and let us know if you would like to hear any sort of tunage! Also, we’ll be selling some baked good to raise funds for RadioLaurier! So come on down!

Take care kiddies!
– DJ Lunkis

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