whats up kids T-minus 2 hours till the boys hit the airwaves. This week on static feedback and noise its all about the girls, the chicks, the shawtayz yo…….you get it, whatever

our theme of the week is front-women, the bad ass babes of punk rock, not only do we love em but we love their music, so if your a girl and you like punk or your a punk and you like girls check it out! and request your favorite punk songs @wlupunkradio on twitter and we’ll give you a shout out! stay tuned cause we got some interviews updates on local shows and GIVEAWAY’S! HELL YEAH!

heres a sneak peeek..

Ontario’s own, THE CREEPSHOW-“Zombies ate her Brain”-we dont discriminate we got a soft spot for psychobilly too,

shes a woman hear her roar

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