New Sh*t to hit the streets

New Sh*t to hit the streets

Whats up music lovers we got a whole mess of music for you to hear from all over. We sincerely ask you to check them all out, trust there worth it. Thanks again for all of our friends and listeners. Remember check us out on twitter @wlupunkradio and request a song for our 8pm show on thursday. Were going to be exploring East coast vs. West coast so send us your best!!


Remember to check out Marvelous Darlings!!! There from Toronto and we love them so that means you do to.

(There music is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus)


Finally we have some Marachi El Bronx for you listening pleasure. If you have been listening to our show (which I know you all do) we talk about there original band The Bronx alot. Amazing hardcore band from LA. Needless to say there new band was a bit different in style. Check out the Mariachi El Bronx facebook page they two free downloads off there upcoming album. “Everything Dies” & “All Eyes”. If you haven’t heard of The Bronx check out there videos on youtube, solid tunes!


Speaking of the Bronx we have a band from Brooklyn, New York called I am the avalanche. They haven’t released anything since 2005 but there new CD Avalanche United released in October is unreal. They just released a new video called Brooklyn Dodgers. Check them out great band, glad there back!


Moving to the west coast we have a band called Vultures United repping the OC. Not your typical sounds for the area but theses guys are back and bringing a vengeance. (Wikipedia for everything punk) has an exclusive stream of the new tracks. Check out “To live and die in Gainesville”


Back over the east coast we have Static Radio from the Dirty Jersey. If your like us like undiscovered talent and the bouncing souls then you’ll love this band. We have 12 free streams from there newest release We are all beasts (2011). Get stoked about them they’ve been kickin’ ass for years now, tell your friends!

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