just another night in nantes

just another night in nantes

hello folky! we just had another edition of the ABCs show and it was a very exciting edition as dj mandy from the morning show co-hosted! &thank god for that because apparently i forgot how to walk and fell down two, yes that’s right, two sets of extremely icy stairs on the way to the studio and leaving the studio. but maybe there will be a snow day tomorrow, and all these falls will have meant something in the grand scheme of things.
we had a lot of great music tonight though! to name a few of my personal favourites…

beirut – nantes
flaming lips – breathe (pink floyd cover)
fleet foxes – isles (b-side)
black keys – never gonna give you up (rick atsley cover)
arkells – kiss cam
josé gonzález – love will tear us apart (joy division cover)

we also had some oh so exciting conversations about printer ink, coachella music and arts festival, amazon.ca, the gallagher brothers and was there a justin bobby reference?
thanks to everyone who tuned in, and if you missed the show, next tuesday is the last show of 2011 so make sure to check it out … they’ll be tons of exciting year recaps and the regular ABCs 🙂
-with love,

&here’s a link to one of my favourite songs of the night, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j5xZow5iPmE

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