Dancing Squids! - 22/11/11

Dancing Squids! - 22/11/11

Hey guys! DJ Lunkis from the Morning Show here!

It’s been an eventful morning show here with DJ Airplane and CP, as we interviewed Halifax’s own Ben Caplan & the Casual Smokers! Ben was a pleasure to speak to as we asked him about his new album, in the time of great remembering. You can check out some of his tracks (and his awesome beard) right here.

Also, something a little “Wicked and Weird” per say, apparently if you pour soy sauce on a dead squid, it will dance. WEIRD, I KNOW but here, check it out. Just a little warning though, it may be a little gross to those of a squeamish nature.
For all you gamers out there, you’ve inevitably grabbed Skyrim by now and put in at least 40 hours, I’m sure. But a sort of interesting perspective is put on the game by Rock Paper Shotgun’s article, The life and death of Lydia. I wont spoil it, but you should check it out for some heart-wrenching / downright weird stuff.

Anyways, that’s all from me for now, stay tuned for another 30 minutes of Morning Show fun!

– Luke “Lunkis” Schulz

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