That Canadian Show: The Punk Edition!

That Canadian Show: The Punk Edition!

Hey all!

Last week was our punk/hardcore/metalcore, whatever you want to call it week! Angry Canadian music, because who says Canadians can’t get angry!  We looked at a bunch of classic pioneering Canadian punk bands like D.O.A.  who are credited as being one of the first bands to start the Hardcore Punk genre.  They are mentioned in the same breath as punk legends like the Bad Brains, Black Flag, and Minor Threat.  We also heard from the legendary punk band Teenage Head,  why do I refer to them as legendary?  If my research serves correct they are the only band in Canadian history to evoke a riot.  The riot occurred on June 2 1980 at Ontario Place (at the Forum, which is now the Molson Ampitheatre) and shut down Lakeshore boulevard.  Read more about it HERE!  The event was so dramatic that it caused Ontario place to completely ban any “heavy” music for future years.

We also heard from many modern day punk acts, keeping and carrying on the punk traditions.  The Flatliners, the Saint Catherines, and Hostage Life were all played.  They certainly all are superb punk acts.  I highly recommend Hostage life, check out their video for “This song was written by a committee” here! Also be sure to check out the Underground Operations record label, which has brought us great punk acts like Closet Monster, Hostage Life, and bombs over providence.

Also, found a peice of nostalgia when doing research for the show. I stumbled upon an interview between George Strombolopolous, and a very young Rody Walker of protest the hero.  Check that out HERE!

Next week we have our second “Classic Canadian Album”  make sure to tune into Radio Laurier at 3 on Tuesday to find out who it is!


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